The Gaming Shelf: TTRPG News, New Releases, Crowdfunding – Gizmodo

The Gaming Shelf: TTRPG News, New Releases, Crowdfunding – Gizmodo

It feels like the last month of gaming news has been a whole decade. Remember the OGL 1.1? That happened less than three weeks ago! For those of you who don’t pay attention to Dungeons & Dragons (teach me your ways), you can check out our explainer here. Otherwise, here’s some incredible games as we gear up for Zine Month—a whole 28 days of indie RPG crowdfunding that will surely drive me mad and empty my wallet.

Latest Releases: Apocalypse Frame, Wayfarer’s Deck, A Pinch of Magic, The Fear Bundle

APOCALYPSE FRAME uses the LUMEN game engine, expanding upon that formula to make a tactical mecha roleplaying game influenced heavily by Armored Core, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Battletech, and XCOM. In a ruined and terraformed world where most of humanity is under the yoke of a brutal regime, the former workers of a once-remote factory—now known as the Collective—have risen up to create a future of freedom from oppression.”

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Neon Nights is a system-agnostic and cyberpunk-themed deck of runner hangouts, shady bars, gang turfs, and badly lit street corners ready to use in your tabletop RPG of choice. Across 50 illustrated tarot-sized cards, you’ll find suspicious dealers, undercover cops, well-guarded soup kitchens, and more.”

A Pinch Of Magic is a lighthearted prompt-based set of one-page RPGs about many witchy things. It can be played by 1-4 players. This anthology series contains the basic rules to get you started along with 10 One Page RPGs centered around the witches you create.”

The Fear Bundle is collection of …….